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I purchased a Submariner LV from Tswisswatches.com. They are in Taiwan, the owner goes by 'Edde'.

They promised a grade 1 replica with genuine swiss eta movement, and a 1 year warranty. What they sent was an asian piece of junk with numerous problems. As for the warranty, when I returned it for repair, or replacement, they refused to accept it, and sent it back. Don't let their website fool you.

They are crooks. They take your money, and send junk. They advertise that they are honest, and give facts about replicas. They have a feedback pages of so called 'happy customers', and invite you to send your comments after purchase.

But if it is negative, they erase it.

Again, they are crooks.

Monetary Loss: $289.

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Lewiston, Maine, United States #1182028

Bwahahahaha! A "grade 1 replica", haha, counterfeit Rolex.

That's really dumb. You certainly weren't getting a *real* Rolex for $300...paying that much for a cheap fake is insane.

I used to have a counterfeit Rolex, it worked well for a lot of years...I traded a box of fake "Cuban" cigars for it!

Bwahahahahaha! (I knew what I was getting.)


They are now called www.tswisstime.com and are complete scammers selling junk. Their entire site is a scam. They photo a great quality watch, but the one you actually receive will look nothing like the photos on the website.

If you file a credit card complaint they'll post all your personal info on their website even after you've sent the watch back!


then don't buy replica !!!!


hey guys, this tswisswatches selling all chinese asian movement watches but claiming as swiss?

lol ...well , you can try this www.preciseswiss.com and i bought 2 watches from them since last year and the watches still working perfectly...i think they're are selling much more almost double cheaper than this twisswatches. just for sharing...


buy from PreciseSwiss.com and don't be fooled by their ridiculous description.


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They are now trading under a new name, RWD watches... DO NOT BUY REPLICAS....

they say they have AAA rating..

forgers dont have a atig system, especially when their from the phillipines and have an IP address is Russia... Think on...


i bought a rolex on the website, the watch was really nice to see, but one month later it doesn't work, and when i send any mail to find any solution i don't ever have any answer. do you think it's normal for a 2 years warranty watch?


thanks for the comments on this site I was about to place my order but now I think I will try elsewhere


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Hi Edde. We chatted on email regarding my faulty BR03-94SS watch, you said I can return it for exchange, but I have not received your shipping address.

Please send it to my email address which you have, I will follow your instructions and send it to you. Thank you.


Anybody who buys a fake watch deserves to be ripped off :grin

to Watchmaker #1030414

No they do NOT deserve to be ripped off. they will not get the guaranty of the real item but the replica should still work .


I ordered two watches from Tswisswatches, received one and then got an email saying that the other watch was out of stock. I replied to the mail and gave them 4 models to pick from, but still waiting for an answer!!

Do not buy from Tswisswatches.com!!!


I am still yet to recieve my watch. I asked for a refund or for them to send my tracking number they have been ignoring my emails for days and i dont know what to do!

to David Thomas #1014240

you bought a illegal to buy fake watch from china taiwan or where ever say goodbye to your money you can always go to the cops but you will be the one going to jail you are a complete *** so much that i decided proper punctuation and good grammar are soooo not worth my time


How about you all get what came to you by buying fake watches. Fake watches are for fake people.


Edde, I am glad to hear that you will no longer be writing on this site. I am sure you will read it, as will many of your prospective victims. FYI.. I did ship the watch back USPS Express, just as you directed, not Fedex or UPS. You chose not to pick it up, then Customs seized it. So, you still owe me a working watch, or a refund.

As far as authentic swiss watches, I have bought 3 since your junk watch, all on Ebay, 2 from reputable jewlry stores in the U.S., The latest being a genuine Omega Seamaster Professional Automatic from New York, with a warranty for $1050.00...Lets see.....$300.00 for your P.O.S....that's $750.00 difference for the real deal...not 30-40 times higher as you said, and I can do a similar deal any day of the week with an honest company...not a thief and liar.

And, they have a real brick and mortar building, phone number, Paypal account. Do you offer any of these?? I don't think so. You live in the underworld, I bet you jump when your phone rings, or there is a knock on your door. I doubt if you answer either. How does it feel to have to watch your back every minute of the day, knowing the law is on your heels?

I guess knowing this, and seeing all the like stories on this webpage is all I will get for my money spent with you. There may be a bit more thugh. I saved every e-mail, every piece of paper, addresses, everything from our transactions. And I have a contact with Rolex that would very much like to see them, as well as a request from the Department of your President in China, that wants them as well. So you see Edde, it's like this...it's not illegal to own, or buy a fake watch in this country, so I have nothing to fear, but it is illegal to sell one around the globe. It's easy to prove you're selling them, it's just a matter of time before your caught. Sleep tight buddy!

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