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I bought a Breguet replica watch from Tswisswatches in early 2010. My first mistake was purchasing from these thieves. I intended to shop at Tswisswatch (note: no "es" at the end of watch). But TswitsswatchES ripped off the name, and its easy to get confused. By the way- the guys at TSwisswatch actually do support their merchandise. Shop there, and avoid the pig-dogs at TSwisswatchES.

The watch arrived in really minimal packing- a tiny manilla envelope and a quarter inch of bubble wrap. Within one month, the winding mechanism broke. Its a manual wind watch. Now when I wind it, the crown simply spins. Its like a Fisher Price toy. The buttons don't actually connect to anything.

OK, things break. If TSwisswatches was willing to stand behind their warrantee, that would have been good enough for me. Well, I've emailed them repeatedly and they've ignored every message. Its obvious after a month that they've got my money and as far as they are concerned, our relationship is concluded.

TSwisswatches is a disreputable operation staffed by liars and thieves. If these people's parents were aware of the shameful behavior of their offspring they would be furious and disgraced.

Don't be fooled by any potential responses to this message claiming that they really are OK, and that somehow I didn't follow procedure. I've got no axe to grind other than alerting other unsuspecting souls to this sleazy operation.

Do not send TSWISSWATCHES one nickel of your money. There are other options that are not managed by criminal ***.

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